Don’t you want to get notified about your websites status, weather it is down or up? Well, it’s important that every website owner should know when their website is down. Website downtime affects the business. So, a website owner should employ an effective website uptime monitoring service to have business complete, real-time visibility into its websites and web applications.

Uptime monitoring services will perform things like ping your website if it is down. The main goal is to use the monitoring service to calculate the actual uptime of several cloud services.

So, always try to make use of good solution to monitor your own website.

An efficient Website Monitoring Service checks –

  • Uptime / Downtime
  • Page Load Time
  • Page Speed
  • Keywords
  • Viruses

Free is the way to go. For most of the small business owners maintaining a presence online, getting notified about their website’s downtime is important. Considering this, many companies have come up with free website monitoring services which will provide the basic reporting about a site’s uptime, security and various suspicious changes. Users can also get custom-defined measurements & website metrics will be tracked in real-time.

Below is the list of some companies that offer free uptime monitoring services.

Few Best Free Website Monitoring Services are –

1. Monitor.US




5. 100PULSE

The Free Site Monitoring services provide limited features. Users can also upgrade to the paid package of these free website monitoring services and utilize their other features. With upgraded package, you need to monitor multiple servers, different locations and the one who needs 1-minute monitoring intervals.


Have a check on the below listed uptime server monitoring tools, which are widely used by several website owners to get the constant monitoring of their websites.

Some top-rated uptime server monitoring tools are –

1. Ruxit

2. AppDynamics

3. NetCrush

4. HappyApps

5. Anturis

6. Pingdom

7. Monitis

However, Pingdom is the leader in the space of uptime monitoring tools. Pingdom comes with developer-friendly APIs & sophisticated customization options.


Whether you must check website uptime, or need web server monitoring service, get the complete visibility of your entire IT Infrastructure even from a server and application level with Website Uptime Monitoring Services. In addition to end-user monitoring tool with uptime alerts, you can also get server monitoring services.

If you are looking forward for advanced server monitoring services, then you must check CloudEgg, a leading pioneer in the world providing managed service provider. CloudEgg provides server monitoring and security services for Linux and Windows Servers.